Bill Belichick Purposely Traded Jimmy Garoppolo to Good Team For Self-Pride

Colin Cowherd: “Bill Belichick, a genius general manager, gave the 49ers a star quarterback for just a second round pick. Smart guys don’t just get dumb… Why would he give a quarterback that he knew was going to great, away for a second round pick? The reason he gave him away was he gave him to the best young football coach in America, Kyle Shanahan, knowing he would get the most out of Garoppolo and prove Belichick’s point. He didn’t make them give up more picks and deplete their roster as well. He wanted to ensure Jimmy G a successful team. Twenty years from now when Garoppolo has 3 or 4 Super Bowls, people will say how Belichick wanted Garoppolo over Brady, but was forced to trade him. Nobody in the world is happier than Belichick that Garoppolo is in the Super Bowl. This proves Belichick was right.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss a recent story that talked about the 49ers-Patriots trade a few years back that netted the 49ers Jimmy Garoppolo from New England for only a second round pick.

The 49ers were reportedly ready to sweeten their offer for Garoppolo, but Patriots head coach and defacto GM Bill Belichick mysteriously never pushed for a bigger haul.

Colin believes this wasn’t just Belichick, one of the smartest personnel tacticians in league history, making a silly blunder by failing to get more assets in return for Jimmy G, but actually Belichick secretly hoping he’d send Garoppolo to a fantastic situation in another conference without the other team having to drain their draft picks.

And why?

Belichick had always been a huge fan of Garoppolo, and had actually pushed for Patriots owner Robert Kraft to hold onto the former Hofstra quarterback instead of continuing with franchise icon Tom Brady into his 40’s. Colin thinks Belichick made sure he traded Garoppolo to a future contender with a fantastic young coach in Kyle Shanahan so Belichick’s guy could flourish and prove to everyone in the New England organization that Belichick was right all along, and that the team should have never chosen an aging Brady over a budding star.

Check out the video above as Colin details why no one is happier than Belichick with Garoppolo reaching the Super Bowl.

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