Colin Cowherd: All the Pressure is on Chiefs, Not 49ers, to Win Super Bowl

Colin Cowherd: “Teams occasionally can get tight and I think the pressure is on Kansas City, and not just because they’re a favorite. What would be the headline if San Francisco loses? ‘JIMMY GAROPPO-NO, BUT THE FUTURE IS STILL BRIGHT’. Jimmy G is young, Shanahan is young, and outside of Joe Staley and Richard Sherman, the entire team is young. It’s the beginning of a rebuild in San Francisco who finally has their quarterback. They’ve already PAID their quarterback and don’t have to worry about that. What are going to be the headlines if Kansas City loses? ‘REID IT AND WEEP’. Andy Reid still can’t win the big game and what’s going to happen now with Patrick Mahomes set to make $44 million a year? Some of those veterans you won’t be able to afford anymore. Narratives will start to cling to Kansas City and there aren’t any ‘narratives’ with San Francisco.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he’s picking the San Francisco 49ers to win Super Bowl 54 by the slimmest of margins over the Kansas City Chiefs, and why he thinks one of the biggest reasons is because all the pressure is going to be tilted towards the Chiefs.

Colin says this 49ers team is a young and boisterous group who is on the precipice of an extended run of dominant success – and with a quarterback who has already had his massive contract absorbed by the payroll.

Kansas City on the other hand is led by a 61-year-old Andy Reid who is once again going to be known as one of the biggest underachievers in NFL history if the Reid loses another massive game. The team would also be fastly approaching Patrick Mahomes’ free agency period that will surely net Mahomes the most lucrative deal in NFL history, and potentially by a massive margin.

Check out the video above as Colin thinks the Chiefs have a lot more pressure to win Super Bowl LIV than the 49ers, and details why the Chiefs' championship window appears much smaller.

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