Report: Celeb Chef Blasted for Culture of Sex Harassment

 More than two dozen women are accusing a celebrity chef and his business partner of fostering a Mad Men-type atmosphere they say was overrun by "kitchen bros." 

An eight-month probe by the Times-Picayune found 25 current and past employees who document sexual harassment while working at John Besh's Besh Restaurant Group, either for one of the New Orleans chef's restaurants or for corporate. 

The women allege female workers were victims of unwanted touching and remarks by male colleagues, and that some co-workers tried to use their power to convince women to have sex—and that when complaints were made, they went nowhere. One woman says she was pressured into a "months-long" sexual relationship with Besh himself, and that when she tried to stop it, others retaliated. Two related EEOC complaints have been filed against the company since December.

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