Kit Kat Quesadilla May Soon Come to a Taco Bell Near You


If Taco Bell can stuff a tortilla with three different types of Doritos, why not a candy bar filling for a quesadilla? 

Consumerist reports the latest offering from the taco chain is a "Chocoladilla" packed with bits of melted Kit Kats or Twix. And all that mouthwatering goodness will sell for only $1 per sample. "Our mouths are already watering," says FOX6 in Wisconsin, where the candy delicacies are making a test run. 

Brand Eating reports that Taco Bell began hawking the chocolate confection last year in several countries abroad, including the lucky UK. (The US version may get a new name so as not to tread on Hostess' "Chocodile" Twinkies.) 

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